Improve Puck Tracking

In previous articles we discussed the necessary footwork, basic positioning, and save techniques required to give the goaltender the best possible chance to make the save.

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Handling the Puck

Handling the puck is an important but often overlooked skill for goaltenders in today’s game.  This is an area of weakness for the majority of youth level goaltenders.   They either leave too many rims or turn the puck over too much.   In many cases coaches get frustrated with the turnovers so they discourage the goalie […]

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Net Play Evolution

There have been recent advances in save techniques goalies use on plays around the net.  I consider net plays as any shot or risk of a shot from the bottom of the circles to behind the net.  See diagram below.  The new save technique is called a “Post Lean” or “Reverse VH”. When used properly […]

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