On Ice Training

Team Practice Coaching

Pic 2-Bob teaching

A JSG senior level instructor will attend your team’s practice to improve footwork, fundamental and advanced save skills, and game situation reads. He will work with your coach on setting up a practice plan that benefits the goalies as well as the entire team. Instructors will also help develop a tactical approach in terms of depth, save selection, puck handling skills, and rebound control.

Starting at $90.00 / Hr. 1 – 3 Goalies

**Hourly rate may vary on rink location.
**All lessons must be pre-paid to Bob Janosz by check
or by using the “make a payment” section of the website.

Private Training

Private training is an important facet of today’s game to maintain skills and improve areas of deficiency. A training strategy will be implemented based on the goaltenders age, size, athleticism, and flexibility devised to enhance strengths while improving weaknesses. Repetition of these on ice drills will drive each individual goaltender to reach their maximum potential.

1 goalie/ $175 / per hour.  (includes ice cost)

2 goalies / $110 per goalie/per hour. (includes ice cost)

*Please email Bob for availability. info@bobjanosz.com

Organizational Clinics

Coach Bob will provide a clinic for the goaltenders’ in your organization. On ice drills will be assessed and implemented based on observations of the age, skill level, and needs relating to the goaltenders’ involved. Each training session will be a progression of the previous to ensure proper skills, techniques, and muscle memory. Shooting staff must be provided by the organization.

**Hourly rate may vary on rink location.

Base Cost

$150 / 1 instructor

$200 / 2 instructors

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Video Analysis

Improve your game with the aid of video analysis. Film the goaltender using the ‘COACHES EYE” app on your iPhone or iPad and email the video to Bob. Bob will analyze the video and offer suggestions for improvement. This video should be a front view filmed during a practice setting.

*JSG can also analyze a game. The video can be shared with youtube or dropbox.

Cost – $150.00 per analysis

Live Game Analysis

A JSG senior level instructor will come out to your game to give an analysis of strengths and weaknesses in regards to position, save selection, awareness, body language, and puck handling in order to modify your game play. Reports can be written or through a personal consultation.

Cost – $150.00 per analysis
* Hourly rate may vary based on location.